The future of customisable hydronic components and integrated solutions

Our industry is experiencing a rapid shift towards innovative digital solutions. But for some, there are still concerns about initial investment costs, long-term return on investment and installation and maintenance challenges. Fortunately, there’s a solution to these challenges: Hydronic components and integrated solutions.

At Grundfos, we’re continuously working to create cost-effective, compact hydronic solutions that aid installers in installing the systems. And by working closely with our customers, we develop solutions that are configurable, customisable and tailored to specific requirements. It’s an efficient way to make the transition towards advanced digital solutions as smooth as possible.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the benefits you get with our hydronic components and integrated solutions:

Maximised building space & profitability

The modular nature of our hydronic solutions means components can be stacked or arranged in a compact, lightweight and easy-to-install way, requiring up to 50% less space – and decreasing the overall weight and space envelope needed.

Increased HVAC performance

We pre-assemble, pre-test and pre-commission all our solutions at the factory, ensuring consistent quality, minimal installation errors and optimal HVAC performance and reliability.

System durability & longevity

Pre-testing and calibrating solutions also ensures that all components can handle everything from high-pressure environments and temperature changes to corrosion and general wear.

Optimal system flexibility & compatibility

All our components are customisable and configurable to specific applications – and they can integrate into new or existing HVAC systems easily.

In the video below, Klaus Frederiksen, one of our group technical Key Account Managers, shares our vision for the future of integrated water circuits in heat pumps and they can maximise value, flexibility and performance for your business.