Digital System Performance

A digital future demands innovative solutions that integrate several components and appliances into one smart universal system.

Meet Maria, Innovation Director at Grundfos HVAC OEM, and learn more about what it takes to take system performance to a new, digital level.


Build solid, high-performing heating systems

Following our long-lasting experience in the heating industry, we strive to becoming experts in developing comprehensive heating systems for future smart homes. For us, that means enabling insights into the full heating appliance.

Precise monitoring and better control based on real time data

Advanced data insights and smart algorithms significantly eliminate data inaccuracies in both head and flow estimations to create a more robust system design. Reducing data uncertainty enables OEMs to access highly accurate flow signals in real-time and helps predict flow failures before they potentially damage the system. An additional air detection functionality offers ongoing detection of air in the system to such a precision that venting can be conducted in the shortest possible time.


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