Taking the data highway to the future

Operating multiple data points in parallel requires advanced technology. LIN-BUS enabled communication platforms create smart data highways that empower multiple components to communicate with one another in a more reliable and cost-efficient way.

Meet Rasmus, Group Vice President and Head of Grundfos HVAC OEM, and discover how advanced communication products enable a fast, simple set-up and lead the way towards a more digital future. 


Rethinking data infrastructure

As our industry becomes more and more data-driven, OEMs are under pressure to support the process of collecting and acting on relevant insights. That’s why, at Grundfos, we make use of developing the critical infrastructure that enables the transmission of data between multiple appliances. 

A digital foundation for unlimited innovation opportunities

Via the local interconnected network of the LIN-BUS protocol, OEMs can utilise and work with data in an extremely simple and cost-efficient manner. Creating a data highway, the protocol allows multiple components of the pump to communicate with one another, unleashing unlimited innovation opportunities. With today’s advanced communication protocols in place, OEMs gain access to more intelligent  platforms that move beyond monitoring towards smarter, predictive services. 


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