Future-proof replacement parts designed for simplicity

ErP legislation is finally taking effect. It requires one-to-one, energy-efficient replacement parts for pumps. The UPMO spare parts solution is ready.

Starting in 2022, ErP legislation from the EU requires that all spare parts used in HVAC systems are energy efficient. This long-awaited directive is a step forward in energy efficiency. However, it could present a range of challenges for boiler and heat pump manufactures. Like, how to provide spare parts that meet the same quality standards as the original pump? And how to ensure the entire pump portfolio guarantee spare-part availability for many years to come?

To make the replacement as simple as possible for installers, new spare parts should be a one-to-one replacement. They must fit geometrical dimensions, digital signals and hydraulic compatibility to ensure full pump functionality. Of course, safety requirements for minimum flow and deviations in the start-up process should also be met.

The one-size-fits-all spare part solution

UPMO is a sustainable, backwards-compatible spare part solution that reduces complexity and builds on proven technologies by more than 20 million pumps. Our UPMO solution is plug and play and fits all existing Grundfos UP15 variants.

UPMO reduces complexity

  • Fulfils the ErP requirements safely and easily
  • Fits all existing Grundfos UP15, UPS15, UPR15 variants, 1:1
  • New user interface design – same function
  • Meets safety requirements for minimum flow and start-up deviations
  • Offers customizable cables, packaging, labelling, etc

Designed with simplicity in mind, UPMO is extremely easy to use with three new standard variants (UPMO 15-50, 15-60 and 15-70) and a user-friendly interface. The one-size-fits-all model reduces the number of accessories needed reducing stock, offers customized packaging and labelling, a simple boiler instruction manual and fast delivery.

Improved action and performance

Compared to previous replacement pumps, UPMO offers improved action at minimal flow to avoid overheating. It also has a very low inrush current to prevent the earth leakage circuit breaker from switching off the grid to increase the motor’s electrical noise.

For OEMs focused on delivering homeowner comfort, UPMO reacts fast to start-up signals. This prevents potential overheating in the primary heat exchanger or temperature switch that might occur if the pump starts to slow down.