How to ensure a stable supply in a dynamic market

A preview of the new UPM4

OEMs need to guarantee a reliable and stable supply of boilers and heating products. At the same time, HVAC installers ask for more digitally-equipped and future-proof solutions. To meet these demands, a continuous drive for innovation is just as important as the stable global supply chain of developed components. 

Streamlined production: Making sure we’re ready when you are

In uncertain times, OEMs need to be able to plan ahead and adapt to disruptions and changes in the supply chain.

That is why, for the production and on-time delivery of the new UPM4, a streamlined production setup is at the heart of product development.  

Developing future-proof solutions: How we do it with the UPM4

To mitigate vulnerability to disruptions and changes in the supply chain and to meet expected demand, a leaner, more advanced production set-up is chosen.

This allows to scale up production capacity of the UPM3 and UPM4 by 15-20% annually, starting in 2022.

What OEMs can expect: Advanced performance and connectivity with the UPM4

Installers of the future expect time-efficient, simple installation and data-driven operations of HVAC systems. This demands a high-performing pump with intelligent features, ensuring connectivity to a smart system. 

The new A3 capable UPM4 range, incorporates the winning features of the UPM3, while further improving its functionalities. For OEMs, this translates into:

  • A 30% increased flow estimation: ensuring more accurate flow and head.
  • A simple integration of the data from the digital nameplate into the LIN-BUS
    interface: leading to enhanced traceability of the pumps’ application, status, and potential malfunction.
  • A range of LIN-BUS-enabled functionalities: allowing optimal performance and efficiency, helping end-users to predict potential damages and react quickly before potential problems become actual problems. Let’s find out what this means for installers and end-users.

Algorithm-based features pave the way forward 

Already known from the UPM3, the intelligent use of algorithms allows a detailed overview of the system’s performance and a simple and frictionless operation for installers.

One of the newest algorithm-based features is the pump’s air detection feature, detecting air bubbles in the system while monitoring and analysing pressure variations to identify leaks or deflations in the expansion tank. 

With the integration of the algorithm-based AUTOADAPT function, end-users can monitor the temperature of the hydraulic system. This enables a much more accurate picture of estimated flow and integrates a warning system when water flow goes below a pre-defined set point.

Keeping up with a dynamic market 

To ensure a simple set-up and provide real-time data on the system’s performance, a multi-site production setup and reliable future-proof products are indispensable.