Helping OEMs meet today’s dynamic market demands

Introducing the new UPM3 Wave 3 platform

Consumers want to save energy. Installers want to work smarter and faster. The new UMP3 Wave 3 platform is designed to help OEMs respond.

With a heightened need for speed and efficiency, HVAC installers rely more on intelligent digital solutions than ever before. In fact, 63% of European installers are positive or very positive about the ongoing development of intelligent products for the HVAC industry.

At the same time, the demand for energy-efficient solutions is on the rise. At least 50% of younger people (aged 16-34) across Europe are ‘very interested’ in replacing their existing heating appliance with a more expensive high-efficiency heating appliance.

It’s up to OEMs to deliver to these tough demands. But with uncertainty in the global supply chain, it can be difficult to measure up. That’s why the UPM3 Wave 3 platform upgrade is designed with supply chain efficiency in mind.

Meet the new UPM3 Wave 3 platform, featuring a range of new benefits and improvements

More robust procurement 

All the new UPM3 Wave 3 components come from large, global suppliers that promise stable, reliable delivery. That means that in times of global uncertainty, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions to the supply chain are less likely to impact customers.

A leaner and more streamlined production set-up makes the supply chain less vulnerable and ensures the highest quality products are delivered on-time.

A leap forward in technology

The UPM3 Wave 3 platform features a range of performance and connectivity improvements, designed to help increase efficiency, save time and simplify operations:

  • A new user interface for self-controlled pumps
  • The new UPM3 eye, a status indicator for externally controlled pumps
  • Ready for applications with new environmentally-friendly refrigerant variants, such as heat pumps
  • Extended UPM3S, UPM3 and UPM3L portfolio
  • LIN BUS throughout the entire portfolio
  • GO Balance function

Prepared for the future with LIN-BUS

The LIN-BUS communication protocol continues to enable the UPM3 Wave 3 platform. LIN-BUS can work with multiple data points at once, boasting a simple and fast set-up and ensuring future innovation opportunities are endless.

LIN-BUS also makes it possible to get real-time data about the system and system performance to a much wider extent. To be specific, this means that components like flow sensors and switches will be built right in. It also means you can provide installers with more information when they carry out a service at the end-users.

Making life easier for the installer

Hydronic balancing is a labour-intensive but vital task that usually takes installers 4 to 6 hours. The UPM3 Wave 3’s easy connectivity makes it possible for installers to use the Grundfos GO Balance app to achieve accurate balancing onsite in less than an hour. The app is available for boilers as well as heat pumps.

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