Pumps that unlock new opportunities for data collection

Demand for digital solutions to manage heating and cooling in our homes is on the rise. In the future, pumps will be the key enablers for more efficient, smarter heating systems. 

Meet Søren, Global Sales Director at Grundfos HVAC OEM, and explore, how we utilise data to create a constantly evolving and improving pump technology. 


A pump designed for a digital future

Through decades of collecting and processing data, we at Grundfos are continuously advancing our digital solutions, enabling smarter, more detailed data gathering. By collecting multiple data points and converting these into actionable insights, OEMs can significantly improve performance and customise solutions to their customers’ individual system designs. 

Discover, analyse and respond in real-time 

The UMP4 is a unique digital pump designed to interact with the entire system and the cloud. Built-in data logging, data precision and algorithms allow the pump to intelligently connect pump, system and cloud data. This enables OEMs to offer solutions that securely monitor the pump’s operation, advance functionality and take predictive actions over time, to dynamically adapt and optimise both appliances and the entire heating system. 


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