The future of heat pumps requires advancing features through collaboration

Delivering on a rapidly growing demand for heat pumps not only means advancing production capacities. It also means advancing performance and connectivity with smarter algorithmic-based features. 

Meet Martin, Senior R&D Manager for Electronic & Digital Development at Grundfos HVAC OEM, and discover what is needed to develop compact, integrated and energy-efficient solutions while ensuring lean, reliable supply chains.


Integrated heating appliances of the future

We expect future heating appliances to deliver compact integrated solutions. This means providing OEMs with the mechanical construction and underlying digital systems. It enables OEMs to adapt heat curves in real-time, consistently estimate flow and hydronic load and detect air in the system – all while allowing end users to monitor data via cloud integration. That not only requires extensive domain and application knowledge but also demands an agile setup to stay on top of the innovation curve. 

Mastering innovation through close collaboration

At Grundfos, we continuously strive to become a partner to our customers in more than just manufacturing. That’s why the global setup of our 5 OEM-certified independent units is designed to facilitate collaboration with our customers in all phases. This way, we can cover the whole value chain, from testing ideas to developing prototypes and co-developing new solutions.


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