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Connecting installers to intelligent HVAC appliances

Hydronic balancing is a major – and sometimes frustrating – part of every installer’s day. The Grundfos GO Balance app relieves some of the pressure, allowing the installer to carry out highly accurate balancing in less than an hour.

Hydronic heating is a labour intensive process, but vital to ensuring the system runs efficiently and effectively. In many countries, it’s also mandatory for the boiler’s warranty to remain valid. Getting it done correctly, and as fast as possible, is every installer’s wish and the Grundfos GO Balance app can help.

A proven solution

Uptake of intelligent products in the HVAC industry is increasing, and around 63% of European installers are either positive or very positive about these products. Grundfos GO Balance is a good example of this changing way of working. Able to balance both boilers and heat pumps, the app reduces balancing time from 4-6 hours to less than an hour. It’s been downloaded more than 34,000 times and currently has almost 20,000 active users.

To enable installers to activate the GO Balance app, the relevant appliance needs to have the PWM or LIN-BUS protocol and the pump needs the appropriate interface. The Apha Reader add-on is available for pumps without an updated interface. It connects the app to the appliance via Bluetooth. Once connected, the installer has instant access to valuable boiler and heat pump data that can be stored and managed via the simple user interface.

Easy 4-step process

With Grundfos GO Balance, balancing is just a four-step process. Once the installer downloads the app and input relevant details, then:

  1. The app will detect which appliances need to be balanced
  2. Adjustments are made based on determined target flows
  3. Once balancing is complete, reports can be download and/or printed straight from the app
  4. Installers can keep improving their expertise by accessing historic balancing results

GO Balance provides the installer with an easier way to balance systems. And, as more and more installers rely on intelligent solutions, GO Balance also provides a smooth, easy connection to digital HVAC appliances.


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