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LIN-BUS compatible solutions present enormous opportunities to significantly boost the digitalisation of boilers and heat pumps, while enabling more data to be transmitted with a broader bandwidth.

Data-driven industry

Data is becoming more and more valuable to industry. LIN-BUS features extended bandwidth which makes it possible to get real-time data about your HVAC systems and their performance. For you, this means that components like flow sensors and switches will be built right in. It also means you can provide installers with more information when they carry out a service at end-users. 


With its advanced and extended communication protocol, LIN-BUS increases heating system flexibility. It can work with multiple data points simultaneously, is quick to set up and increases opportunities for innovation in the future.  

Optimising where and when needed

As well as extended data collection, you can also add the optimisation module to provide automatic, advanced control of the pump’s performance. This increases  flexibility as the pump will be able to adapt to demand and change setting when needed. The result is a stress-free experience for users as they can trust their heat pump or boiler to function reliably. 

Partner with the experts in the field

Grundfos has over 50 years’experience working with pumps and water in general. We offer OEMs the opportunity to engage in partnership where we share our data and knowledge in order to improve the performance of boilers and heat pumps and to develop new value-adding features and tools. As well as being able to offer these features and tools to your customers, they also create an opportunity for additional revenue streams through value added services, which can potentially differentiate you from competitors.

A great example of this co-developing partnership is the GO Balance app, which, through the use of real-time data, we are able to offer for both boilers and heat pumps.

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If you’re curious to learn more about LIN-BUS and how it works within the boiler and heat pump industry, watch our experts explain in the recorded webinar below. If you’d like to discuss how we can add more value to your business, please get in touch with your Grundfos contact.